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on Wednesday, 28 March 2012
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New Playground Equipment Makes Your Neighborhood Park Safer For Kids

As a child you may remember going to the local park to play on the swing sets, monkey bars, and slides. After years of use these playsets get worn, rusted, and unstable. When you start noticing your neighborhood playground in disarray it is time to request the community to update it. It should be updated occasionally to ensure future generations can enjoy it just like you did. New playground equipment is not only cleaner and more sanitary (at least for the time being), it is also more resistant to rust and weathering than stuff that was built years ago.

Also, if the playset includes any overhead climbers or wall climbers then it is smart to put rubber playground surfacing underneath so when kids fall they don't get hurt. The softer the surface, the less you need to worry about scrapes and bruises. Physical activity can be encouraged when you know that your kid is playing in a safe and friendly environment.

And parks are not the only place you can request newer and better playground equipment. Other great locations are the community center and schools. You and your kids will be thrilled to have a place to go during the weekends and days off. It's a chance to go out and enjoy this lovely spring weather.

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