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on Monday, 26 March 2012
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Keeping Children Safe With Playground Surfacing

Children love the playground.  They enjoy taking a ride on the swing set, sliding down the big slide, and navigating the jungle gym.  Kids love running around the open area, playing tag or tossing a rubber ball around.  Because our children are very energetic and active we need to make sure that they stay safe on the playground.  With this in mind, playground surfacing for new parks and play areas are the perfect way to protect kids from serious injuries.

Luckily for park owners and developers, playground surfacing comes in a number of options but runner is the preferred medium of surfacing because it is much more malleable than other surfaces.  Rubber surfacing can be poured into a pre-existing space and troweled in order to accommodate any configuration or design.  They also come in pre-made tiles that you can piece together on-site like a giant puzzle but still affords the same kind of protection to those using the playground.  You can even use shredded rubber to surface a park area and make it safe for everyone to use.  Also, they come in an impressive amount of colors and will go well with any playground design.

Children should be able to enjoy themselves without fear of being hurt.  This is a great way to do it.

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